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rome! (with a toddler)

i've loved sharing a bit of our time in rome with y'all this week (part one & two). in this third post, i'm going to share what it's like to travel with an eighteen month old (at least our crazy little girl!). 

you see, the photo above really should be our christmas card. getting a photo where all three of you are looking at the camera, dressed, somewhat happy -- yeah, that just doesn't happen for us around here right now. when i saw this photo, i instantly said, yup, that about sums it up (e diving out of my arms, 1 out of 3 looking at the camera, didn't quite get the famous landmark in the photograph). to be clear, it won't be our christmas card -- nope, i'm gonna keep on forcing the issue & try to get one of all three of us showered and smiling, cause i'm crazy like that, i just want to go on the record as saying i know the photo above is as good as it gets.

i also want to be clear that i could not be more grateful for our time in rome AND that ellie was with us. this was a really important trip for our little family, for reasons i'll share with you later on. i hadn't really thought about it before we arrived, but the last time i was in europe was in college, during a summer study abroad program. being here with my HUSBAND and DAUGHTER, while completely different, makes this place even better. my days aren't a fraction as care free, i have to bring a lot more stuff, i didn't see everything on my list -- but man oh man was my heart full.

that said, this trip has been hard -- i certainly have had some low moments (thank goodness ryan & ellie are so forgiving) and have grown a lot these past few days (more because i've had to than out of a true willingness). i am writing this post through the fog of a really bad summer cold, very scared about a flight back across the atlantic with ellie and so before y'all come see parts 1 & 2 of this post and decide to jet off with your darling toddler, here are some of our hilarious moments & some lessons learned (thru the school of hard knocks!).

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rome! (part two)


rome! (part one)


happy weekend & italy!




hi!! our little family is in italy for a bit -- i can't wait to share our adventures in more detail when we're back home, but for now, hop on over to instagram (@tulipsandflightsuits) to follow along. above are some of my favorite moments so far (seriously -- coffee + nutella gelato, does it get any better?!) i wanted to share some of the things i've been loving lately, these are just so, so good:

i'm so thrilled molly is writing another book (i pretend we're good enough friends to be on a first name basis). if you haven't read her first book, a homemade life, add it to your summer reading list -- it's one of my all time favorites.

what a precious, simple way to announce a baby boy!

one of our new favorite tv shows is nashville (SO good) -- if you're a fan, you have to see this song by the two daughters. e & i have listened to it so many times!

these engagement photos are stunning! (i happen to know the beautiful bride & photographer behind the shoot, so they're even more fun to see!)

this might be my new favorite nursery of all time.

ok, so this happens to be my best friend's family, so i'm biased, but these might be the greatest family photos i've ever seen. the love & joy they have for one another literally radiate off the photographs. the sweetest thing is this was a mother's day present from all those kids (and two spouses!) -- what a wonderful idea for a family vacation!

date nights are so important, here are two things that caught my eye recently -- this adorable free download where you can issue a formal invitation & this idea for an at home date night: videotape the story of how you met & fell in love -- tell the story together and see how it comes out! you could even keep it simple & use your iphone to record it. we'll be trying this soon!

one other small announcement: i recently decided to get off facebook. while i love social media -- especially instagram, pinterest and blogs, i just couldn't handle facebook anymore (other social media so often encourages me, i found facebook does the opposite). the one thing i'm sad about is i know many of you used that to see when i had a new post up. i'm sorry i won't be able to do that anymore, but please feel free to bookmark this page, follow along on feedly or on instagram (i'll alert you there when there's a new post up!) thanks for understanding!

have a wonderful weekend! xo


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