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we went to the zoo!

we had the best time. it was a tough competition as to who was most excited each time we rounded the corner to a new animal. the giraffes & lion were the clear favorites, but the monkeys put on quite a show. it made so many of our favorite books -- especially edward the emu & good night, gorilla -- come to life for ellie. sweet days around here friends, hope you're getting lots of time outdoors.


life around here.


a weekend in dc.


update from ellie girl.

hi!!! i'm 15 months & finally driving (kidding, kidding, just love to run away with mama's keys!) so i thought i'd fill you in on my latest adventures. here. we. go!

missing my friends ian & asher something fierce -- afternoons like this are hard to improve upon -- cheerios, great friends & dance moves. i go sit on their steps & knock on their door, just to let them know i miss them.


i make sure crayons, play dough & books make it into every single day. i grab mama by the finger & show her the way to all the fun we will have!

every morning before my daddy goes to fly, he puts on these big, heavy boots. i decided to give them a go, so i dragged them across the kitchen, climbed in and boy was it great -- cue the self congratulatory clapping!

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i'm excited to share some of the things i've been loving recently & answering a few reader questions (ellie, on the other hand is busy eating cheerios on our stairs while she wakes up from her nap & anticipates our afternoon adventures outdoors!), ok, here we go!

i love the simple joy of lighting a candle -- these beeswax & this hot cider one caught my eye!

man, i wish i could live in alli's pinterest boards!

i would love to invest in a painting one day & thanks to paige's stunning blog (you really need to check our her new old house!), i found the artist we'll go to whenever that day comes!

given i talk about our homemade lattes a lot on this blog & instagram (tulipsandflightsuits if you want to follow me!), a few of you have asked what we use to make them. we received a version of this espresso maker as a wedding gift and love, love, love it -- i love the process of making an espresso shot -- pressing the grinds, etc. the frother on the machine hasn't worked that well, so i heat the milk on the stove or in the microwave & then use this to get the froth right. 

this post on kitchen essentials & this one on measuring & substitutions gave me a lot to think about with our kitchen and how i cook/bake. it's a new to me blog i'm really loving!

oh blackberry farm, one day, i'm coming to see you.

i've been thinking a lot about storytelling for our family -- this book really made me think about how much i loved the stories my dad told me growing up. i am so inspired by these cards to help parents with ideas for their stories -- let's support this little venture to get these cards made! (p.s. be sure to watch the video -- it's so neat!)

i'm loving this blog on ideas for montessori activities i can do with ellie!

the above photo & lots of the recent ones were taken by this camera -- we use our iphones a lot, but when we really want to be intentional about taking photos, this is the one we're using. i'm really excited to learn more about the camera in the coming months -- i have a LONG way to go, but really enjoy the process of getting behind the camera & seeing what i can capture. plus, i'm constantly inspired by so many bloggers who are just so, so gifted.

what have you been loving recently? any other questions i can answer? have a great day! xo


family outing.