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alright monday, let's dance.

so, let's remind each other of this hourly, ok? cause wowser, as i fully hit the third trimester, final two months of work, final travel before i stay put until baby girl is here, it's getting harder. my to do list is never ending. my energy comes & goes. & i'm pretty good at never slowing down, which isn't helping much. so, this is my new motto.

i am so grateful for this past weekend. it began with a thai food/modern family date with my amazing husband (with an 8 p.m. bedtime, last week did us in), continued with a quiet morning of cinnamon rolls & listening to the rain fall & some productive to dos around the house (turns out we have a baby coming in a matter of weeks, and well, we aren't ready yet...). we went to a really fun navy event, church this morning & brought dinner to some sweet new parents (which made us even more excited for december!). now i'm off on my last work trip & so grateful for your patience as blogging comes & goes.

i wanted to stop by, say hello & send you some lovely, lovely links:

austin & amanda kay's stunning wedding photos!!

always am struck by how simple & pretty silhouettes are.

loving short engagements & a totally inspired wedding!

am i really supposed to have self control when baby girl things are so gosh darn cute?!

red wine chocolate cake. (do i really need to intro that?!)

would love to get away here!

back soon! xo

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I love this!
thank you!

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