table numbers.

for our wedding table numbers, we decided to pick numbers that are significant to us. so we did the day we met (5), the day we tied the knot (7), each of our lucky numbers (4 & 14), our combined height in inches (132), how many miles from our house to the beach (15), and a few others. the fun thing was, on the seating chart, it just had the number. our guests had to wait until they were at the table to see the significance. table 2? the number of desserts we order (always). table 18 vs. 4? peyton manning vs. brett favre, the central quarterback rivalry in our lives.

we used these from paper source to make them. there are tons of great ideas out there. you can do places that are significant to you. books you love. and the best part is it instantly gives the guests at that table something to talk about!

all our wedded bliss is here!