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not birthday cakes

this is my new love. making cakes for people for not their birthday. at first i called this "no reason cakes", but that isn't accurate, i always have a reason, it just not may be a reason other people make cakes. just so you don't think i'm betty crocker, i'm actually stealing her recipe-- both of these are box cakes. and why re-invent the wheel? especially on a work night when i'm just hoping the cake cools in time to ice it! above is the red velvet cake i made friday night for one of our great friends, below is one i made a couple of weeks into marriage. both are for milestones in flight school, which are big things for us right now. very cake worthy.

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Reader Comments (2)

these are SO cute!!

02.1.2010 | Unregistered Commenterjoanna goddard

Love Love Love that you do this! How sweet are you and I just adore your blog. xo

10.11.2010 | Unregistered CommenterJamie

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